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An EP about anxiety, depression and crippling, petty envy.
Written and recorded November 2015 to February 2016.

Thank you.


released March 8, 2016

All songs by Debutante.
Artwork by Alicia Feng. www.corviday.net



all rights reserved


Debutante Zurich, Switzerland

statik, unwörter, hässliche leere.


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Track Name: Destroy Brogaze
Take this static from me.
Take this static from me.
This harrowing, harrowing noise,
it keeps bringing fatigue and nausea.

Taking up more and more space in this skull,
it's rendering everything dull
makes the head far too heavy to hold
swallowing every tone

But it don't seem to stop,
oh it won't ever stop.
Not in a million years.

And that's alright.
Track Name: Yours
You're always so calm and you look oh so pretty
and they're lovely, your holiday photos,
your job and your stories

but god fucking damn you and your emotional stability
I'm envious as fuck and I even feel bad for it

and I hate to admit, oh I hate to see
you always progress in your life in some way
(while I've spent all this time in bed, wasting away)

and all of this jealousy
all these useless thoughts
i try to keep them at bay
but i fail

and i know just how pathetic i am being
and i'm aware just how childish i might seem
i'm a fucking embarrassment

but i don't need you to remind me of the lives i am not living
i don't need you to remind me of all the things i fail to be

will this envy ever stop
nothing i ever do is enough
will this envy ever stop
nothing is ever good enough

why cant i ever be content with myself
Track Name: Dresses (Crimson)
"I refuse to let this illness define me,
I've felt weak for far too long."
I've been telling myself every goddamn time
I've tried to get out of this hole.

But it is on.
Someday I too will escape.
This, I hope.
This, I know.
Track Name: Schirm
ach, es ist alles zu laut
zu viel
zu überwältigend.

zu sehen was ihr erreicht
und ich nicht

so werde ich kalt
werde bitter
werde kälter,
werde nichts

also decke ich die augen mit meinen händen,
die kehle mit moos und blumen zu
und gebe nie einen laut von mir

deine worte perlen an mir ab,
doch meine ersticken mich
Track Name: Soliloquy
"Oh, aren't you ashamed?
can't take care of yourself,
you can't fight off your ills,
and now you wait.
For anything to happen,
someone to descend from the heavens,
calling your name."