Feral Split

by Debutante

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Songs about hating your body and dysphoria.

Tracks 1-2 written and recorded by Feral.
Track 3 written and recorded by Debutante.
Mastering by Kowareta.
Artwork by Gato.


released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Debutante Zurich, Switzerland

statik, unwörter, hässliche leere.


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Track Name: Feral - Cry Yourself To The Hanging
I twist my throat through paradise
A haunted son of Sodom's vice
Gasp for air in the atrium
There is no light
It doesn't care
Through my death I breed despair
No free escape to the other side
The soul can't relinquish it's rotten hide
I need this to hurt for so much more
Never came the end I'm praying for

Cry yourself to the hanging
Despise our poison of the world
Cry yourself to the hanging
Lives are fragile things to waste

Stare into mirrors in a dismal haze
Longing for the agony of our living days
We cannot breathe in the atrium
The soul is eternal 'ere when the light
Extinguished the panic of our final flights
God save the names of the capable
Before the urge to leave becomes insatiable
Bring me the souls of the underhand
So the living may yet understand
Track Name: No Mirrors
i want to look more feminine but now my hairline's receding
oh how i wish i could look petite and soft
i want to put on make up without feeling so damn vulnerable

so i wont bother with the stockings or the skirts
and just feel envious of the androgynous folks
and curse my body again and again and again

but these feelings arent even constant
oh i probably just dont know what i want
im confused and im scared and annoyed all at once
or not at all

am im just being dishonest
am im just being a coward
but i know im not
i just cant make sense of this at all